Joanne Fedler Media


Joanne Fedler Media


WordPress Development

Website Design


01. Project Info

Recreate a visually appealing website using WordPress CMS. Develop a shop which links to Thrivecart for automation to other eLearning membership site.

02. The Story

Joanne Fedler is a best selling author of 10 books. Joanne and her team approached Bump Digital to create a new website that is more in line with their branding and new products. 

03. Our Process

We are such big fans of Joanne and her team that we knew this one had to hit the mark visually. We used an EPIC hero video on the landing page of Joanne in her warrior boots on top of some beautiful rocks on the coast of Sydney, NSW. We followed up this epic video with neutral colours, lots of white space and splashes of the trademark purple used in her logo. This website was an absolute joy to create.

Idea & Concept

To create a visually striking website, giving the visitors a clear path to Joanne’s many products.

Use lots of white space to make the site easy to navigate whilst delivering the essence that is Joanne Fedler Media.


The Bump team developed this website to be user friendly for the end web admin. Built on WordPress and providing a very easy to use visual builder to make changes in the future.

Testing & Support

The website has been cross tested on all the popular web browsers and bug checked before launch. We now support Joanne Fedler on a monthly maintenance plan.

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